The Chinese Cultural Festival

The Chinese Students and Scholars of University of Rochester (CSSAUR) is pleased to announce the 2016 Chinese Culture Festival! With great help from the college and the language center, GSS (Graduate Student Society),and GEPA (Graduate Education & Postdoctoral Affairs) office in URMC, CSSAUR is hosting this Chinese Cultural Festival at the Medical Center as well as River Campus.


Thursday, February 11th  12:00 – 2:00pm    Sarah Flaum Atrium G-9500,Medical Center
Link for the Sarah Flaum Atrium
Friday, February 12th  12:00 – 4:30pm    Hirst Lounge,Wilson Commons,River Campus


There will be free food, tea, beverages and snacks, as well as demonstrations of Chinese calligraphy, paper cutting, dough modeling, and embroidery.  Special thanks to the Graduate Student Society for their support. The CSSAUR looks forward to seeing you at this event.  Happy Spring Festival!
Two professors in UR and several students as well as two Chinese artists will show Chinese calligraphy, paper cutting, dough modeling, tea culture, Chinese embroidery, and Chinese knots (as a gift), traditional Chinese game, among others.


Xing Qiu (Ph.D. 2004) is an Associate Professor of Biostatistics and Computational Biology in University of Rochester. Prof. Qiu really enjoys calligraphy, and he will exhibit his calligraphy in this activity and teach you how to do it. He will be glad to give his works as a gift to anyone who would like them.



Longze Zhang (Ph.D.) is a faculty member of Department of Orthopaetics, URMC, University of Rochester. Dr. Zhang is a researcher and a software programmer at URMC. He did a great contribution to the local communities as a part-time watercolor artist and a paper sculpture artist. Dr. Zhang served as the Principal of the Chinese School of Rochester (CSR) from 2014-2015, and founded the Youth Choir of CSR and the China Music Ensemble of Rochester. He was invited for artwork exhibitions to local schools/galleries such as UR Bridge Art Gallery, RIT and Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester Central Library. Dr. Zhang was interviewed on the local TV show Many Voices, Many Visions in April, 2014. Dr. Longze Zhang enjoys a lot promoting Chinese-American cultural exchange and will be part of this Chinese Spring Festival Celebration and teach you how to do the traditional Chinese paper cutting. And you will have the chance to join him.




Summer Dillon (Hong Yang) is a Chinese artist for dough modeling which uses flour to make art craft. She has been invited several times to Victory Baptist Chinese Church of Rochester to teach children how to do dough modeling. Now, she has her own business “Summer’s Dough Figurine”. Want to know more about dough modeling? Please feel free to contact her:


Ying Chen is a candidate of MS in Finance, Simon Business School. She has learned dancing since five years old, including Chinese folk dance, Chinese classic dance and Latin, and she will perform a traditional Chinese dance “Nong Qing” during the event.



Xiaoqian Chen is a candidate of MS in Finance from Simon business school.  She has learned Guzheng since the graduation from high school.  She will perform a classic Guzheng music called “Melodies From The Night”. Guzheng is the ancestor of several Asian zither instruments. It dates back to Qin Dynasty and carries forward the spirit of Chinese culture.


Lily (Minghua Liu) is a Chinese artist for embroidery. She has lived in Rochester for 4 years. She enjoys embroidery and often makes some patterns to convey traditional Chinese cultures, such as Chinese tree peony which express the meaning of fortune and honor in China, etc. She participated in several different exhibitions and received a lot of compliments as well as encouragement.  Hope everyone enjoy her works.


The Dean of SMD, Dean of Simon Business School as well as Dean of Arts and Sciences recorded a video to celebrate the Chinese spring festival as well as the Chinese Cultural Festival with us.
Link for the video


Look forward to seeing all of you in this event. Happy Spring Festival! 猴年快乐!



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